Another Odd Bird

I grew up on a little dairy farm in Lincolnshire alongside a pet cow named Stupid. When Stupid’s grazing days were over, I headed to Newcastle to study Genetics. They accidentally awarded me a PhD in molecular biology but, convinced I was going to be found out, I fled into ‘industry’. After doing a load of strategic marketing I kissed the corporate world goodbye to spend more time writing.

 I always wanted to write a novel. I started to tell people I would write a novel. Eventually I actually started writing it. And now Odd Bird is published. It’s all a bit surreal, in a best thing ever kind of way. But I’m not standing on ceremony. I’m working on a second novel. It’s darker.

In addition to writing fiction, I help business leaders to tell their story. I write speeches, make films and stuff. For more on that go to

I live in Berkshire. I don’t have any cows, but I do have two adult children and a large collection of bird feeders. I enjoy tromping and mountain biking in the Chilterns. My ankles tell me I play too much football. I like to play games of all kinds and some say I am very competitive. I don’t like mind games though. Or do I?

Odd Bird

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