What people think of Odd Bird

“Warm and funny, and wonderful relief.”

Lev Parikian

Author of Why Do Birds Suddenly Disappear and Into The Tangled Bank

“I think this is one of the most interesting plots I’ve ever discussed.”

Jo Good

BBC Radio London

@Shelf_lyfe, 1st October

“There was genuine humour throughout the book, and while I was surprised by it, I loved Phil’s character! Although he initially seems like a bit of a jack the lad and rough around the edges, he is genuinely really funny, and he is a great friend to Simon.”

@ShortBookScribe, 3rd October

“I did enjoy Simon’s hapless and naïve journey through relationship problems and his work as a behavioural ecologist (most definitely NOT a birdwatcher!), not to mention his exchanges with his annoying but loyal friend, Phil.”

@BookHighland, 3rd October

“I loved the fresh approach and didn’t want to put the book down (or the story to end for that matter) and would definitely recommend this to others, especially if you enjoy a good rom-com!”

@Agi_mybookshelf, 4th October

“I did enjoy Simon’s hapless and naïve journey through relationship problems and his work as a behavioural ecologist (most definitely NOT a birdwatcher!), not to mention his exchanges with his annoying but loyal friend, Phil.”

@NorthernReader, 5th October

“This is a very entertaining book which is easy to enjoy.

This is a well written contemporary novel of life, love and birds, full of insights into London life and academic investigation.”

@GirlNovelLiving, 5th October

“This quirky read is brimming with humour, endearing characters & references to our feathery friends. 

Simon himself is a fabulous character amusing and well-drawn, he is very easy to root for. There are some laugh-out-loud exchanges between him and his well-meaning but often hinder some best friend Phil.”

@TillyLovesBooks, 6th October

“It’s rare to find a book which I think my husband and I would both enjoy, but I think this might just fit the (duck)bill.

Whilst the detailed “bird stuff” (as I shall professionally call it!) wasn’t something I would usually go in for, I found that the dry humour of this book really worked and had me tittering along and nudging my husband to share the laughs.

If you’re after something that’s quirky, funny and uplifting and has a good pace, then I’d happily recommend this.”

@OnTheShelfBooks, 9th October

“I enjoyed the original and thought provoking style of writing and think that this quirky book would make a great book for someone who’s set your heart a flutter this winter.

It is always good to read a book that confounds your expectations and this genre-defying read will definitely win over a lot of fans with its deft characterisation and original construction

Odd Bird is a charmingly original read that will definitely make you think as well as entertaining you this autumn.”

@brownflopsy, 10th October

“As rom-coms go, this one is about as odd as its protagonist, Simon Bird – and I mean this as a compliment!

It’s highly unusual to come across a romantic comedy that has a male protagonist, let alone one that is written by a male author, so this makes it an “odd bird” in itself – and it works so well too!

This is an unconventional love story, with a real feel of a Richard Curtis movie about it.”

@readingwellies, 11th October

“I really enjoyed this book. It’s a rom-com from the male perspective, a refreshing change in the genre.

Simon is a lovely character who I really rooted for. His knowledge of birds is second to none and I actually learnt quite a lot from him.

Romance aside, I loved Simon’s relationship with his best friend and ‘wingman’ Phil.

He [Simon] and Phil couldn’t be more different yet they worked together brilliantly, and their banter made me smile.

Odd Bird is a quirky, heartwarming read, exactly what I need at the moment. If you liked The Rosie Project then you’ll love this!”

@1BookMore – Julie 12th October

“Simon is an interesting character, and I enjoyed watching him grow and learn about love and relationships.

A unique contemporary romance from the male point of view, Odd Bird is a unique read with well-developed characters, witty and dry banter, great messages, and a lot of fascinating information about birds.”

@bibliobushra (Bushra) 13th October

“Flowing well with Simon and Phil being likeable characters, Lee Farnsworth has written an original romance with a twist that’ll have you chuckling away while at the same time screaming at Simon for not seeing the obvious and taking you on an enjoyable rollercoaster ride that’ll have you holding your breath till the very end.”

@Book_Ramblings (Brittany) 13th October

“Odd Bird was not what I expected – in the best way.

I don’t often read rom-coms from the male’s perspective and it felt like a breath of fresh air.

This book is a great romance for someone who wants something different from the genre – something odd with a dry sense of humour.”

@ClareJanetMason, 14th October

“What a complete ‘Hoot’ this book is.  

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it really is a wonderful hybrid, the spirit of men behaving badly, mixed with colour and detail of a series of Autumn watch, 

It is cleverly comic, beautiful crafted and sent this reader’s spirit soaring.”

@bookwormconfess, 15th October

“This is a unique book told from the male perspective for a change.

Lots of funny moments in this book along the way. I really enjoyed this and he [Simon] is a likeable character.”


Other Blogs and Reviews

@radley_zoe (Zoe), 1st October

“As soon as I picked this book up, and read the first few pages, I was hooked. This is a heartwarming and hilarious read.

I just love everything about this book, there are some awkward moments and some where you are literally shouting at Simon to stop being a prat and wake up

I can and will highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a unique and intriguing rom-comedy book to get them through this autumnal season.

What else can I say to make sure you go out and buy this, heartwarming, charming, laugh out loud, gorgeous rom com of a book?

One thing I do know this is a treasure and one I am intending to read again and again.”

@bookclubforme (Heather), 2nd October

“The plot was unique, what with the author drawing similarities between human and bird behaviours and well thought out, making it an easy and enjoyable read.

It will have you hooting with laughter and the male-led take was rather refreshing!”

@mlsmith19701996 (Miriam), 5th October

“Odd Bird” written by Lee Farnsworth is an uplifting take on a male-led rom-com

I found the suggestion that we might be more similar to birds than realised, very absorbing.

Every page of Simon’s quirky narrative made me smile and the story throughout kept me entertained and interested.”

@LilacMills (Lilac), 7th October

“@leefarniefarns Just finished Odd Bird at 5.30am this morning. It kept me up all night because I had to finish it. Brilliant! Absolutely loved it.”

@kraftireader (Adele), 8th October

“I really enjoyed this accomplished debut novel by Lee Farnsworth.

I loved this pairing of characters, on paper you wouldn’t think they would bond but they blended together perfectly.

Odd Bird is a charming, quirky rom com that will appeal to all. It’s like an academic Men Behaving Badly!”

@Littlemiss6, 11th October

“This has been the perfect quirky read that I have been looking for. This has been such a delight to read and I haven’t wanted to put this one down.

I love that the chapters are short and snappy, this has definitely kept me interested. Simon is fab, such a lovely main character with a great personality.”

@dgreavess (Danielle), 15th October

“Odd Bird is the first ‘romance’ book I’ve read that is from a male characters perspective, and I loved it.

Simon is kind, clever and absolutely hilarious.

Phil’s character is also brilliant, the chapters between him and ‘Bird’ were my favourites and I did not stop laughing.

Overall this is an amazing book. The writing is beautiful, and captured my attention from the first chapter.

I can tell that Lee did so much research, and I appreciated every sentence.

Beautiful, comedic and sometimes heart-breaking story about life experiences and friendship.”

@EmmabBooks, 15th October

“Simon is a great guy and an engaging character.  

His hopelessness at finding romance makes him very likeable, and there is quite a bit of suspense as the book continues and the reader wonders whether Simon will get his girl, or fly off course.”

@bookkaz, 19th October

“It’s always fun to have a rom com told from the point of view of the male character, and when they are as quirky as Simon Selwood, then you know you’re in for a treat of a read!”

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